Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Unlock Your Hip Flexors by Rick Kaselj

Unlock Your Hip Flexors by Rick Kaselj All About Unlock Your Hip Flexors, visit: http://bit.ly/Unlock-YourHip-Flexors Unlock Your Hip Flexors will give you a practical, east to understand the program you need to use today for instantly releasing your hip flexors for much more strength, better health insurance, and all day energy. In this method, Rick […]

Hip Flexor stretch | Flattens Belly and Elongates Muscles

Subscribe to Channel: http://goo.gl/jiSDvq Get the Free Meal Plan: http://goo.gl/dWC9cL Do this stretch every day to increase your flexibility, release emotion and flatten your belly. When your hip flexors are tight, not only do they inhibit your range of motion and can create a host of injuries in your body, including your lower back and […]

Psoas / Hip Flexor Stretch – Active Isolated Stretching

http://bit.ly/2sTq9UI (Use Promo Code “Youtube” for 20% Discount when you Download Smart Stretch: Full Body Active Isolated Stretching) Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) & Core Strengthening Sequence for the Psoas-Iliacus (Hip Flexor). Strengthens Abdominals, Gluteus Maximus, and Hamstrings. You can download the Full Sequence: YouTube: https://youtu.be/ikaH9NGV7SY Vimeo: http://bit.ly/2sTq9UI And check us out on social media! http://bit.ly/2sjIBJa […]

Iliopsoas Hip Flexion with Self Mobilization Progression

This is the progression of the iliopsoas hip flexion exercise with a posterior glide self mobilization. This exercise is done to train the femoral head to “live” centered in the acetabulum during hip flexion. This is used to treat femoral anterior glide and femoral anterior glide medial rotation syndrome as described by Shirely Sahrmann. Exercise […]

10. Assessment – Maximal Hip Flexion Active Knee Extension (MHFAKE) Test

Description: The athlete is lying supine with hip towards in maximal flexion using the arms to pull the thigh to the chest. The contralateral leg is fixated with a belt. The athlete performs active knee extension until reaching maximal tolerable stretch or the onset of pain/discomfort. Range of motion (i.e. knee extension angle) is measured […]

Best Treatment for Hip Flexor Tendonitis

From http://famouspt.com/ “Famous” Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, explain how to help relieve your hip tendonitis with a few expert tips, watch the video to learn what they are! Make sure to like us on FaceBook http://bit.ly/2sJXi5p and to follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/PtFamous Our book “Three Simple Steps To Treat Back Pain” […]