How to Stretch Tight Hip Flexors (Bauer Physical Therapy In-Service)

This presentation was developed and performed by Peter Paik, Student Physical Therapist at Chapman University (Class of 2014) while completing his clinical affiliation at Bauer Physical Therapy, Laguna Hills, CA (Sept.- Nov. 2013). Explained are the causes of hip flexor tightness, and stretch exercises for hip flexors. Strategies are discussed for when to stretch tight […]

How to Strengthen Hip Flexors

This video is all about how to strengthen your hip flexors. ▼▼▼ Take 20 reps of each exercise to strengthen your hip flexors: Lunge with twist Mountain climber slides Leg Lifts 💜 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: 💜 BUY A GYMBOSS TIMER ⏰: 💜 GET MY FREE WORKOUT CALENDAR 📆: 💜 BUY MY […]

How to Deadlift: Glute Activation in Deep Hip Flexion

Hey Guys! In this video, I am going to teach you how to deadlift with proper form and technique. I will also teach you how to activate your glutes and deep hip flexion. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to hit like & subscribe. Thanks! Free Deadlift Workout Free Gift for Subscribers “NEW” SNAPCHAT: […]

Hip flexor exercise – hip flexion with band

For more information on hip and groin rehabilitation and exercises visit: and for more information on knee pain visit: Hip flexor exercise – hip flexion with band To strengthen the hip flexors at the front of the joint, the band should be attached around the ankle and anchored to a table leg. The […]

Hip Flexors Part 2: Why your Hip Flexors are Out of Balance.

Continuing on from, ‘Are you RACIST against Hip Flexors’, I look at why the hip flexors have gotten tight, short and knarly. Whilst the culprit is often thought of as sitting, do he have a partner in crime? Watch this to find out. Music provided with thanks from Give it your All (Instrumental) by […]


Hip Flexibility – Funk and Steve Delaney take you through 3 stretches to help wth hip flexibility, knee problems and bad lower back.. Do these stretched BEFORE you train to open and loosen up the your Muay Thai Kicks become increasingly stronger, faster and more effective. I used these stretched to help me […]