Supine Hip Flexion Centralizing the Femoral Head #4/8 – Hip Impingement Baseball

Prone Heel Squeeze Centralizing the Femoral Head #1/8 – Hip Impingement Baseball. Get our Free Hip Course at at More on Anatomy of the Hip with this Condition in Baseball? Book an Appointment in CA: Hip Impingement among young baseball players is a preventable condition when caught early. This article discusses two […]

Hip Flexor Band Knee Rising exercise

Blake Kassel of demonstrates the “band knee rising” hip flexor exercise using fitness tubes. Go to for more great exercises and FREE live fitness bands workouts. Band rising knee is a great exercise to strengthen the hip flexors. Fitness tubes are a perfect type of resistance for the hip flexors, since they are […]

Hip Flexor Stretches for Senior Citizens : Stretching & Yoga Poses

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Hip flexor stretches for senior citizens can really help open up motion all over the body. Do hip flexor stretches for senior citizens with help from an experienced Yoga professional in this free video clip. Expert: Tripp & Tatti Miller Filmmaker: Shane Reitzammer Series Description: Yoga is one of […]

How To: Resistance Band Hip Flexor Stretch – WOD Nation coach Barry @ CrossFit Chiang Mai

The hips are super important in CrossFit movements. As we all know, the majority of our power comes from our hips. Today we’re going to discuss how to keep our hips flexible using one of our WOD Nation resistance bands. CHECK OUT THE RESISTANCE BANDS USED IN THIS VIDEO HERE – – 1. pick […]