Seated Hip Flexion-Lower Back Rehabilitation-Partners in Health & Wellness Exercises

The seated hip flexion exercise is used to increase core stability as well as proprioception for balance. Use your hands when first attempting this exercise for more stability. As your proprioception and balance increases, you can remove your hands for more of a challenge. Please seek a professional consultation before attempting these exercises if they […]

Psoas & Hip Flexor Stretch – Front Splits Pose – Hanumanasana Yoga

Ryan Muetzel from demonstrates a great Psoas & Hip Flexor Stretch for Athletes. The Front Splits Pose or Hanumanasana Asana. Thank You for stopping by! This website will provide you with the information to transform yourself into one of best athletes on the planet. Seldom seen training methods, workouts from famous professional athletes, […]

Step Up + Resisted Hip Flexion with Tubing | Chris Johnson PT

This exercise combines a step up in conjunction with concentric and eccentric resisted hip flexion consistent with the performance demands of running. Prior to performing this exercise the runner must first be able to perform a step down with good neuromuscular control. This is one of my favorite post injury running drills

3 “Hip Flexor Exercises” to “Jump Higher” and Become a More Explosive Athlete — Free Vertical Jump Injection Workout Here In this video there are three hip flexor exercises that train you how to jump higher and become a more explosive athlete. The hip flexors are a very important muscle for athletes who want to be explosive and learn how to jump higher, how to dunk and […]