Dr. Knight QuickTips- Exercises to Loosen Hip Flexors and Relieve Back Pain

Dr. Jeffrey Knight, a chiropractor in Kaysville, Utah, demonstrates exercises that will loosen hip flexors (hip flexors often become tight due to long hours of sitting), and subsequently relieve back pain.

Dr. Jeff explains the placement of the hip flexor muscle, and how tightness of the muscle (often due to excessive sitting and desk work) can cause back pain. He then goes through simple exercises and stretches to increase hip mobility and alleviate pain that are appropriate for people of all fitness levels. Exercises should be done regularly to improve and prevent pain.

The exercises demonstrated are Frog Legs, Marching, Hip Flexion and Lunges. The exercises are demonstrated by Tiffany Hendrickson who competes regionally in cross-fit in Utah.

This video demonstration is a part of a series of videos that Dr. Jeff is providing to the public to answer common health questions and to help individuals that are seeking solutions for their pain, injuries and chronic conditions. True North Chiropractic offers a free consultation and functional analysis to all new patients.

As a Kaysville chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Knight, D.C. serves the chiropractic needs of Kaysville, Layton, Centerville, Farmington, Ogden and the Greater Salt Lake area residents.

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Contact Info
Name: Dr. Jeffrey Knight, D.C.
Organization: True North Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Phone: (801) 447-1647
Address: 1188 Sportsplex Drive #102, Kaysville, UT 84037

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