Dr. Len’s Do It Yourself Test for Tight Hip Flexors and Low Back Pain

http://bit.ly/2rhBKQC A simple do it yourself test will show if you have tight hip flexors and tight psoas muscles as the cause of low back and hip pain

Dr. Len Lopez, is a nutrition and fitness expert trained and certified as a chiropractic sports physician, clinical nutritionist, homeopath and strength and conditioning coach.

For four years he hosted the television show “Natural Health Made Simple” and was the alternative medicine expert for the popular ABC show, “Good Morning Texas,” prior to becoming a Medical Staff member of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise on television and radio.

Dr. Len Lopez is the author of To Burn or Not to Burn — Fat is the Question, and Five STEPS a Day. He is the developer of the new fitness product “The Work Horse Fitness Trainer.” Get it today at http://bit.ly/2s2nvw8

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