Hip Flexor Mobility Test with MacKenzie Miller Yoga

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In this video we will test the mobility of the muscles on the front of the hips: your quadriceps and hip flexors. The hip flexors tend to become shortened or tight due to being in a seated for prolonged periods of time or if you are an athlete who performs repetitive movements. This fit test is not only a great way to gauge your mobility, but it is also a great stretch!

Here is your fit test:

TEST 1: Hip mobility and hip flexor and quadricep flexibility.

A) Find an object about knee height, rotate yourself away from the object and then step a few feet away from it. Place the top of your right foot on top of the object. Bend the left knee. The right knee should be able to drop straight towards the ground. If you feel like you have to hinge at your right hip and your chest drops forward as you go down, that tells you that there is excess tension in your hip flexors and/or quadriceps. Test both sides.

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