Hip Flexors and Anterior Thigh Muscles (Intro to Functional Anatomy)

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Hip Flexors and Anterior Thigh Muscles:
Follow along with the class as we use the “3 Rules of Muscles” to determine the joint actions and function of these muscles.

More snippets from the live workshop – Functional Anatomy 1: Intro to Human Movement Science in Glassboro, NJ”

Video #1: Intro, Anatomical Position and Anatomical Directions – http://youtu.be/UKda_jSNlFU

Video #2: Planes of Motion – http://youtu.be/D88MviFE8KE

Video #3: Joint Actions – http://youtu.be/pOZzJN6K4Vo

Video #4: Rules of the Skeletal System – http://youtu.be/YDwg8_n3ENA

Video #5: Joints and Joint Actions of the Shoulder Girdle – http://youtu.be/OzorL-2NtQw

Video #6: Basics of Human Movement Science: (The Muscular System, Connective Tissue & Intro to Motor Units) – http://youtu.be/LuNv9-6KjyI

Video #7: Scapular Muscles – http://youtu.be/RVckCib-BOk

Video #8: Deltoid Muscles – http://youtu.be/fh1_2fk8EhY

Video #9: Rotator Cuff (SITS) – http://youtu.be/MyenWen0F8Q

Video #10: Pectoralis Major, Latissimus Dorsi & Teres Major – http://youtu.be/4GzniRPpq4c

Video #11: Arm Muscles – http://youtu.be/6GWuLyb9Tik

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by the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science (http://bit.ly/2sjDYPf) founded by Brent Brookbush

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