How Lose The Lower Belly Bulge – Hip Flexors

Let’s talk about how to lose the lower belly bulge. This is the demo needed for the full article here:

By the lower belly bulge, I mean “The spare tire” “Muffin Top” ect. By that, I mean the stuff that’s covering up that sexy abdominal area. Crunches are not the answer.
Training your stomach (abs) with crunches, trying to burn away tummy fat is about as effective as eating soup with chopsticks. It’s the wrong tool for the job most of the time.
Now, here’s why.
What happens is the hip flexors shorten when they get tight. The hip flexors attach through hip and to the spine, they pull on the lower back as you can see in the photo. This puts an anterior or forward tilt on the pelvis that pulls the lower belly out. Stretching the hip flexors, hips and lower back, along with working the transverse abdominus through strengthening movements will fix that.


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