Improve hip flexion + extension without stretching tutorial

I guide you through a movement sequence that deals with hip flexion and hip extension, as well as connecting this to the whole body. Interesting alternative to stretching.

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This is a fantastic routine to help you release your hip flexors. Help your hip flexors to become long again. In other words, this is a movement sequence that helps you to extend your hip. You can use this routine instead of a wide range of hip flexor stretches. Stretches that look like this, or this, or this, or even this kind of assisted streching.

You can also use this routine to improve how you do hip extension. To improve the way how you move into hip extension in general.

And you can also do this movement sequence instead of mediation, to calm your mind, to be more focused, to be more present. As a kind of moving mindfulness practice, or moving mediation, or awareness through movement meditation.

Thank you for watching and participating.

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