Tight Hip Flexors, Really? Stretches, Why? Are they weak?

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Okay guys, we get a lot of questions from concerned athletes about having tight hip flexor muscles and how to stretch them and so in this video I am looking for some feedback from you guys as to why you think your hip flexors may be tight and in need of stretching in the first place.

And the reason I am asking this is because I am not convinced that tight hip flexor muscles are the problem that many athletes think they have.

And to give you an idea why I say this, I want you to take a look at something here to see what you think.

Now, whenever you walk or run, your hips will constantly alternate between flexion and extension with every single step you take and in this image we can see the athletes left hip is being flexed. With the left hip in flexion, we know then that his left hip extensors in the back are being stretched.

And likewise, we see that his right hip in extension, so we know that his right hip flexors in front are being stretched.

And so this is the movement that I want you to focus on…the one where your hip is in extension. Because everytime your hip goes into extension, you are automatically stretching your hip flexors in the front.

So, if your hip flexors were tight to begin with and in need of stretching, then this movement of extending your thigh behind your hip would be the one that is restricted by tight hip flexor muscles or it might hurt when you did it. And if it were, then certainly they would be in need of stretching.

So now the question for you is this, when you run, does this movement, where you put your hip into full extension, feel restricted? Or does it hurt when you do it? Because when I ask athletes this, most of them say no it doesn’t hurt, or that they never even thought about it.

So then I will ask them as I am asking you, is there some other criteria that you are using that suggests to you that your hip flexors are tight and in need of stretching? Because I couldn’t think of any and I would appreciate your comments below.

And just to be clear, I am not opposed to stretching these muscles, I just need a little convincing as to why we keep getting these types of questions when by all outward appearances the hip flexors don’t seem to be tight and in need of stretching at all.

In fact, I am starting to wonder that perhaps instead of them being tight, athletes might be mistaking them for simply being weak…which would ultimately affect them getting in to this position. And if that is the case, you can learn at least one way to strengthen your hip flexors by clicking this link:


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