Upgrade Your Hip & Quad Stretches – #3 Amplified Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

For more info. on hip flexor stretches:

The runner’s stretch lunge is a common hip flexor stretch that many people do before or after they run or perhaps any exercise or activity. It’s a great position to get into to begin to open up the front of the hips since that’s one of the things that can accumulate more tightness. Basically, many people do this by lunging forward and getting down low enough so that the rear knee rests onto the ground. Then the idea is to just sit in that position passively until you feel you’ve had good enough of a stretch.

We can take this stretch up a few notches by making it more active. Instead of being bored waiting for a deeper stretch to happen, we can do things to get more out of this “quad stretch for runners” and achieve it in less time. By contracting the opposite muscles that are being stretched and doing it in a way that we can address the body as a whole, we get more “bang” for our stretch.

Follow along in this video to stretch your quadriceps and hip flexors. It might be a bit challenging to do, but it’ll be worth adding to your flexibility training to better balance your whole body.

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